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Fire Doors

Fire door service and installation

The installation of fire doors is done to prevent a fire from spreading from one room to another inside a building. Depending on the design and the materials used, the fire resistance of these doors will vary. All the fire doors we design and assemble in Omega Fire Protection fulfill the requirement of presenting an EI-120 fire resistance. A very high resistance that will allow keeping the stays of the neighboring fire safe.

Within passive fire protection, fire doors installation is defined as one of the most important constructive solutions.

A proper installation must always have the necessary measures to ensure the safety of every one of its workers and bystanders. This task is part of a painstaking process, complicated and complex, which requires a very precise work, so it is always a beneficial addition to have the work of a professional team with experience that can guarantee the best results without leaving too much of budget.

The installation of fire doors is one of the services we offer in Omega Fire Protection in Los Angeles. Our company is dedicated to the design, planning, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of all types of passive fire protection systems. We have been developing our activity within this sector for more than 10 years.

We have the best qualified personnel for the development of these systems. Expert engineers who are responsible for conducting detailed analyzes of each building to verify what needs for passive protection. Being able to offer customized plans in fire protection.

One of the services we offer within passive fire protection is the installation of fire doors that is defined as one of the most important constructive solutions in passive protection.

The Best Fire Doors Installation Service In Los Angeles

When installing any passive fire protection system, it is essential to have professionals from the sector and the best materials. In Proybor Passive Protection we comply with these two essential requirements. Our installation of fire doors is one of the best services of the company.

We emphasize by the personalized study that we do of each case to find out which type of door is more convenient and where it is more important to place it. Also, all the activity is supervised by expert engineers in the design and assembly of this type of doors.

You can fully rely on the professionalism and experience of Omega Fire Protection. We are expert professionals in the installation of fire doors. Also, we perform the installations of other multiple passive fire protection systems. In Omega Fire Protection we take care of your building and avoid the spread of fires thanks to the installation of fire doors.

In addition to the installation, we can also take care of periodic checks to verify that the closures and functionalities of the doors are in the correct conditions. In case they need repair we can also take care of it. Do not think twice and contact us for everything related to fire doors in Los Angeles, and we assure you that you will love our work.

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