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Fire Suppression systems service

Suppression Systems is a division of our company that deals professionally with potential customers of the use of equipment for the suppression of fires and we offer state-of-the-art solutions, whether you need a conventional or special risk protection system.


Unique features: rapid detection and extinction, no need for pressurized cylinders, extreme durability, eco-friendly, simple installation and minimal maintenance.


We are convinced that a clear difference to our offer is the use of technology and knowledge at each stage of the process, and our partnerships contemplate the use of technological tools that allow our clients to know with certainty concerning the conditions of each service offered based on reliable and confidential information, as a primary tool in decision making.


As a fire protection company, we are the industry leaders in installing premium fire suppression systems service and much more. Additionally, we have the access to a wide range of products from the world-renowned brands to protect the critical area that interests you, which will allow a timely detection and extinguish a possible fire in its initial phase automatically.


No matter what is the complexity or size of your project, we make the capacity and experience to the door of your business. From the fulfillment of the commitment “Zero Harm” (Zero Harm) of Omega Fire Protection to the development of eco-friendly products and the provision of services to meet specific requirements of insurance companies, we help you to focus your attention on the application of your interest.

Since these systems work directly in the protection of equipment, facilities and vital information.

Most of the agents are friendly to the human being, which allows a shot even in busy spaces, without causing any damage to man, all our suppression systems have the technology of impulse valves, which significantly improves the performance of our products.

Our goal is not only to offer you the necessary systems and equipment for fire prevention, and our work is focused on protecting your interests and meeting the current regulatory needs. For this, At Omega Fire Protection we have a team of specialist engineers who develop each fire suppression system project with a unique design that adjusts to the specific needs of each client, thus guaranteeing the correct functioning and efficiency of the system in general.

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