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Omega Fire Protection provides Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Berardino County homes and businesses fire protection services. We offer 24/7 service and emergency response for all of the greater Los Angeles area. Our fire extinguisher services are your first line of defense for business fire protection, making it the most important. We have trained specialists that install and repair fire sprinkler systems in small local businesses and large high-rise buildings. Not only is our fire alarm department growing every year, but the expertise of the staff and the equipment certified personal we have on hand makes us a leader in the installations of alarm systems and repairs. Not to mention, our fire suppression department also deals with restaurant kitchen suppression systems and can install large fire suppression systems in warehouse facilities too.

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OMEGA Fire Protection

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Kitchen Suppression System

Kitchen hood fire suppression systems are a safety essential in commercial kitchens. KORD Fire Protection installs and repairs UL300 restaurant suppression systems and ensures the fire safety measures in your kitchen are up to code.


Fire Extinguisher Service

KORD Fire Protection can ensure the fire extinguishers in your home, business, boat, or vehicle are working properly. Need to replace fire extinguishers that are no longer in working order? We also offer an extensive line of portable fire extinguishers for homes and businesses, wheeled fire extinguishers and specialized fire extinguishers.


Fire Sprinkler Service

Fire sprinklers should be installed in all commercial buildings to protect workers, customers, and property. Homeowners can also benefit from the peace of mind that a sprinkler system provides. KORD Fire Protection is certified to design, install, and service dry pipe, wet pipe, deluge, and pre-action sprinkler systems. Regularly scheduled service ensures that your fire sprinkler is dependable and ready to engage in the event a fire is detected.


Fire Alarm Service

Fire alarms are your first alert when a fire occurs. They notify occupants of the need to evacuate, and can some alarm systems even notify the fire department of a fire. KORD Fire Protection can install the right fire alarm system for your building and ensure that it will operate reliably.


Fire Hose Service

We have a large selection of fire hoses, fire hoses systems and cabinets for any application. We also hydro-test fire hoses to make sure they are ready when you need them.


Fire Pump Sales & Service

Our fire pump services include installation of new fire pumps and repair of your fire pump systems. We are able to troubleshoot any technical deficiency you may have and emergency service is available.


Emergency Exit Lights

We offer the installation and repair of all emergency lights. This service is available to ensure that your building always has operational emergency lights.


AED, CPR, & First Aid

AED, CPR and first aid services bring the protection of your clients and/ or employees full circle. Companies should have one person who is CPR certified and larger corporations should consider having an AED device.


Fire Codes & Standards

All businesses should have knowledge of fire codes and laws for your area. If you have any questions about these laws please check this section and you can also give us a call for clarity.


Fire Suppression Services

KORD Fire protection services any type of Fire Suppression system including: clean agent, CO2, foam, kitchen hood, UL300 restaurant, vehicle, marine, and warehouse and aircraft hangar fire detection and suppression systems.


Fire Protection Services

Fire protection services include a variety of systems working together to ensure that a fire will be put out quickly and effectively. These can include smoke detection systems, fire suppression systems, fire sprinklers, and other equipment. KORD Fire Protection is keeping pace with the always-evolving fire protection industry. Our expert team can ensure that you're fully prepared in the event of a fire.

engineering of fire safety services

The engineering of fire safety services works to protect life and property, as well as to reduce any losses due to fire, explosions and other damages. The fundamental objectives of fire and panic safety are to minimize the risk to life and property loss.

So it is crucial to you that your entire fire protection system will work instantly on demand without any inconvenience.

We believe that with an adequate Fire Protection system, the safety circle is closed. That is why we study and develop together with our clients the proper protection for their activity. Our objective is to provide them with a Fire Safety of high reliability, optimal for their levels of protection, which meets their internal and legal requirements and integrated with security systems to improve their performance.

The installation of fire protection systems is a legal obligation for all activities and a fundamental factor to ensure the safety of any company. At Omega Fire Protection we have our own teams of highly qualified personnel with robust and continuous training to perform assistance and maintenance reviews. We carry out the legal preventive reviews or required by the standards of any client, as well as the corrective actions that are needed.

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a wide
range of services

At Omega Fire Protection we offer a wide range of services in the field of fire protection and fire safety in Los Angeles. We divide them into three sections: Facilities, Maintenance and Projects. In our Facilities department, you can find everything you need for the security of your property, as our extensive experience in the sector endorses us when we take care of the safety of your space. In Maintenance, we offer you the periodic review of all your systems against fire. Finally, in Projects, we can take care of the integrated management of everything you need for your project. Visit each section if you want specific information.

We undertake all kinds of firefighting facilities. The security of people and assets is our main concern, so we guarantee the most effective work.