The emergency lighting system exists to ensure minimum lighting conditions for the safe evacuation of building users when there is a lack of power and emergency, as well as providing minimal lighting for rescue and firefighting teams to work.

The emergency lighting system is triggered by a failure in the network, in the event of short circuits and fires. Emergency lighting fixtures are powered by the backup network, which is activated in the event of an accident in the main power network.

The emergency lighting system shall lighten the vertical and horizontal passages with sufficient power to ensure the evacuation of the area of risks and to avoid accidents. In this way, its main objective is to protect the life of the users and to facilitate the action of the firemen.

Another important application is to make it possible to visualize already abandoned areas for the possible removal of a wounded person and especially to signal the escape routes of the buildings.
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Emergency lighting is necessary at all industrial facilities and enterprises, in all general education institutions, as well as in places of large concentrations of people – business centers, shopping centers, theaters, cinemas, restaurants and so on.

The backup lighting is the part of the emergency lighting planned to allow the continuity of the activities of the establishment. The reserve lighting is not mandatory. If a facility provides for the installation of such lighting, the fault of the same will automatically put into service the escape lighting.
The exhaust lighting is the one intended to ensure a quick and safe evacuation of people through the means of escape, facilitating safety maneuvers and assistance interventions. The exhaust lighting is of obligatory use.

The ambient escape lighting is intended to facilitate the orientation of people from the premises of the establishment to the means of escape. This lighting is mandatory. The security lighting is the one intended to ensure the completion of tasks in jobs with potential risks.

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This range provides maximum flexibility in terms of shape, dimension, orientation and angle opening, allowing to create the desired environment, regardless of the application area
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