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Omega Fire Alarm Service

Installation & Repair of all Fire Alarm Systems


A fire alarm is a security installation that activates the alert in case of locating fire or smoke in the rooms you are protecting. In the event of a fire, it is essential to detect the fire as soon as possible and, of course, to intervene quickly and efficiently, since the material and personal damages can be irreversible.

For a fire alarm to be really useful and effective, it must guarantee an effective response that avoids or minimizes possible damage. That is precisely what our alarm with smoke sensor offers: anti-intrusion protection and fire alarm, all in a single wireless system with the most advanced technology on the market and 24-hour connection to the Alarm Receiving Center of Omega Fire Protection.

The smoke sensor of our alarm is a device that is easy to install it does not require cables or works – that is located on the roof of the room to be protected. It treats a sensor with a photoelectric camera of detection, sensitive to the light and prepared to locate smoke in the atmosphere. Therefore, it is the fastest way to detect incipient or small fires and the ideal fire protection for homes and small businesses.

With built-in high-power siren and multi-color LED indicator, the our smoke sensor activates the fire alarm when smoke is detected in the environment and, in addition to sending the alert through the alarm control panel, activates a warning light and another sound, with a power of fit decibels to notify immediately those who are in the affected home or business premises.

Our Central Receiver is one of the most advanced in the USA that receives the fire alerts generated by alarms and attends to each warning in minimum response time.

All the alarms that we install follow the NFPA norm in the field of fire safety.