Fire extinguisher refill service

The extinguishers are most useful to act quickly and effectively to an outbreak of fire anywhere in the middle. We all know these devices that help to save so many lives and whose mechanism is quite simple: they consist of a metallic container that contains a substance, that can vary, that is under pressure inside and is released by a valve that is insured, so it does not activate accidentally.

Every extinguisher must undergo annual recharge and maintenance service, to maintain its operation at the time of being used.

The recharge and maintenance service is an exhaustive verification of the fire extinguisher, to ensure maximum security that it will work effectively and safely. It includes a complete examination and any repair and replacement that I need the extinguisher at the same time are also revealed if it requires a hydrostatic test.

The service of recharging carbon dioxide extinguishers consists of: visual inspection of the equipment, dismantling of the parts, CO2 recharge, cleaning and lubrication of the valve, change of O-rings, assembly of the components, verification of pressure losses of the equipment and installation of self-adhesive inspection.

Omega Fire Protection provides OSHA approved Fire extinguisher refill service to a wide range of clients, ranging from a small business or a horizontal property building to the largest companies in Los Angeles. Although the profile of our clients is very diverse, we satisfy the complete needs of all requirements: reliability, quality and rapid response.

We have state-of-the-art equipment and devices, highly trained personnel and a vital fleet of vehicles that complete the equation of our service, making us the company that performs the most recharges throughout the country. Omega is technically prepared to deliver all types of maintenance work and recharge manual and rolling extinguishers of any brand, capacity and extinguishing agent.

We have a management system that allows us to keep our clients informed about the annual expiration of the recharge services avoiding any type of sanction for non-compliance with laws or ordinances.

We also offer a subscription service that can include the maintenance of fire extinguishers and hoses, as well as fire protection systems. It is a service designed especially for those companies that do not have personnel affected by fire equipment maintenance tasks or who wish to delegate this work to better manage resources.

Quarterly Controls
The quarterly control of fire extinguishers is a preventive action that aims to ensure the operation of equipment against an accident, also taking into account the conditions of fire safety in general.

We perform the necessary actions to:
Check the general condition of fire extinguishers
Control your load
Verify your signage and location
Certify the correspondence of the existing envelope with that required for the risk

Fire Extinguisher Classes

Extinguisher Classes Fuel/Heat Source
Class A Ordinary combustibles
Class B Flammable liquids & Flammable gases
Class C Electrical equipment
Class D Combustible metals
Class K Cooking oil or fat