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Installation & Repair of all Fire Hoses


We take care of the installation of fire hoses in Los Angeles.  Hoses are one of the most common and important fire protection systems and constitute an essential element of fire protection systems in all types of buildings. Therefore, it is important not only to know how it works but also to find the most appropriate one for each space. Therefore, Omega Fire Protection proposes, in addition to a catalog of the most modern and efficient service and completely customized installation you can find in the market, which will be much more effective in the event of a fire and have to resort to them.

Depending on the study of the facilities and the calculated risk that may occur in it, you will have to install those of one kind or another. It is important that these elements are lightweight, to achieve maximum maneuverability, and that they are very flexible, even at the high temperatures they must withstand in the event of a fire.


Fire Hose Cabinet on orange bricks floor against white concrete wall.

The hoses must be flexible and resistant.

Hose cabinets, or otherwise known as hydrant niches or hydrants, are simply used to contain the fire hose, the spear, and the keys to adjust joints to protect them from atmospheric agents and theft.

According to the NFPA standard, the hydrant must contain a hose with its respective joints, a jet, fog lance, and two keys to adjust joints.