Fire Pump Service

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Omega Fire Pump Service

Installation & Repair of all Fire Pumps


Omega Fire Protection offers fire pump repair in Southern California. The fire pump is one of the most important parts of a fire sprinkler system. By law, a fire pump has to be designated for the fire system only.  We can repair, replace, or provide semi and/or annual maintenance and certification for your fire safety equipment and fire pump.

Some items of a fire extinguishing system located inside a technical service room:

We supply all types and sizes of fire pumps from semi-portable fire pumps to vertical units that are three stories high.  The fire pump is used to carry the water supply from public water systems, water tanks, or other sources to a discharge area in the system. The fire pump controls the amount of pressure in the pipes for delivery to the risers and standpipes. A fire pump is usually powered by electricity but you can find some larger fire safety equipment systems that are powered by diesel engines and some occasionally powered by steam. A Fire pump is especially important in high rise buildings that do not have sufficient water pressure for the fire safety equipment systems to operate. Fire Pumps come in six basic design types.

  1. Horizontal Split Case
    Are the most utilized verity of fire pump. The pumps are easy to operate because of the pump layout. They are also sold in many sizes and can move enormous amounts of water.
  2. Vertical Split Case
    This type of pump is of the same size and power as the horizontal except the fire pump is designed in a vertical position. This type of pump is used when floor space is at a premium.
  3. Vertical In-Line
    This is a small less powerful version of the vertical split case fire pump. The vertical in-line is great for smaller applications and does not require most of the foundational structure and stage like the horizontal and vertical split case.
  4. Vertical Turbine
    Comes in many sizes and used for underground wells and tanks. The Vertical turbine forces water from the bottom of the well or tank to the pump discharge.
  5. End Suction
    Is a fire pump that has a 90 degrees radial from the suction point to discharge.