Fire Sprinkler Inspection Service

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Service
Fire sprinklers can be one of the best investments both in a home and in a commercial space. Such solutions control water, chemicals, or foam release in case of an accident. They need to be regularly checked. Sprinklers can stay unused for years. This can cause certain jamming problems. But some sprinkles can also show issues due to frost and other issues.

The fire sprinkler inspection service checklist.

When an inspection is being made on the fire sprinklers, it is also recommended to look at crucial areas that need to be kept in good working conditions.
An inspection can start with the automatic sprinkler systems. Every individual sprinkler is inspected during the process. This can take a long period of time for large homes or for commercial properties. Foam systems are often used in commercial properties. They are a real alternative in areas with flammable materials, such as paint factories or oil refineries. Foam is used instead of water to control fire.
All sprinklers are checked in the process, regardless if they use water or foam. The first sign of a bad sprinkler comes with corrosion. Obstructed spray nozzles can also be a problem, especially after the sprinklers have been used for the first time. Paint damage can also lead to corrosion in time. Physical damage to the sprinklers is also inspected.
The same elements are investigated with the piping. Signs of corrosion and physical damage may indicate the need to replace certain elements of the pipes. The pipes are usually inspected every year. Pipes can also get damaged due to frost. It is also why their corresponding dry pipe sprinklers are also checked for frost damage. Pre-action sprinklers, deluge sprinklers, and wet sprinklers can get damaged as well.
If the fire sprinkler system is not connected to a public water source, it likely uses a water tank as a supply. In this case, the water tank is inspected for leaks or signs of corrosion as well.
Other areas are recommended for inspection.
According to local and national regulations, emergency exits need to be marked in commercial buildings. This is why the inspection can also see if this is the case as light can get damaged in time. Emergency doors also need to work correctly, and they need to be clear of obstructions.
During the sprinkler inspection, other elements that have the role of detecting fires can be checked. These include the control panel of the fire alarm with its built-in lights and batteries. Alarm devices also need to be checked. If they are not working correctly, businesses can be fined. Smoke and heat detectors also need to be inspected. Smoke detectors come with batteries that often need to be replaced, even if not used. The smoke detector sensors can again get clogged with dust or insects. The annual inspection can ensure that the sensor is free from dust and in perfect working condition.
Water pumps are also inspected. They come with the role of helping water travel through the pipes faster. Since they have electric motors, they can also suffer from corrosion. It is why so many inspection services regularly test water pumps.
A fire sprinkler inspection service always ensures the entire system is working at its best. Some services even offer various discounts for yearly contracts and maintenance. Businesses can save money by choosing a trusted inspection service over the long-term. But most importantly, a fire sprinkler inspection service has the role of ensuring everything works fine in case of a fire. Damage control is only possible when sprinklers work as intended.

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