Fire Sprinkler System Cost

Fire Sprinkler System Cost
Fire sprinkler systems can come with a high cost of installation. However, installing it in a home or office building at a later point can come with extra costs. It is generally accepted that such a fire system can add between 1 and 2% of the total home's price when installing it in a new development.
Fire sprinkler system cost – piece by piece
There are different pieces which make the fire sprinkler system. From piping to the sprinklers themselves, their size and number can add up to the final price. Sprinkler costs are typically calculated per square foot, similarly to how a new home's price is calculated.
Homeowners can expect to pay between $1 and $2 per square foot. This is the lowest price for a fire sprinkler system and it is at a minimum point as it is installed at the construction stage of the home.
This price increases to $2 to $7 per sprinkled square foot for a project in existing homes. Since the operation is complex and walls or ceilings need to come down at this stage, the price reflects the extra needed labor as well.
Modern office buildings might see retrofitting at a lower price. Due to the fact that they are built in a way which does not require taking down walls or ceilings in many cases, the final price per square meter can vary between $2 and $4.
Old or historic buildings need special attention. The prices for installing a fire sprinkler system in these types of buildings can vary. Contractors might need more work to get the job done. In normal conditions with no special requests, the price per square meter can be at least $10.
So an average family home can expect a cost of over $3.000 for the entire project when built from scratch with the new home. This is calculated for a surface of 2.200 square feet.
Variables and other costs
Of course, these are estimative costs. The final price depends on the size of the home and even on the quality of the materials. For example, PEX piping is much more affordable and it lowers the final cost of the project. But this type of piping is not as reliable and durable as copper pipes.
Water consumption represents another important cost. If the water comes from the local council, backflow preventive systems need to be installed. At the same time, if the water in the sprinklers comes from a local source such as a well, prices can be different also. In this case, water needs to be stored in a large tank. A water pump is also needed to help the water come out of the tank and into the pipes.
The cost is balanced in the future. Since home insurance can be mandatory for many homes, it is actually recommended to install the fire sprinkler system as soon as possible for insurance purposes. It is still possible to ensure a home without any sprinklers, but the yearly cost can be considerably higher.
Final considerations
Those installing fire sprinkler systems in their homes can find all the recommendations at the National Fire Protection Association. When it comes to costs, the contractor needs to be able to calculate the exact cost before installation begins. Shopping for fire sprinklers can be made by the contractor or by the homeowner. The specific requirements for fire sprinklers can vary from state to state. Those who are planning to install such a fire system in their homes need to check the local building codes and the recommended products before the installation.

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