Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Services

Automatic water sprinklers or fire sprinklers keep the fire controlled in a limited area and get the fire suffocation. The fire sprinkler installations, depending on the design of the system, maintain a fire in a limited area, thus allowing the extinguishing services to extinguish the fire or extinguish it completely automatically.

These systems are part of the Active Protection Against Fire, attacking the fire once it has started and in many cases being the system that prevents fire from turning into a wildfire, which could cause the total loss of the building and even personal damages.

The sprinklers guarantee constant protection since they activate automatically when the room temperature increases, even when there is no one in the place.

Given the great power of water discharge of automatic sprinklers, one of the functions they have is to cool, so these systems are often used against fires to protect the load-bearing structures of buildings built with deformable materials, such as They can be wood or iron. In this way, the negative aesthetic impact that could cause a fire in its interior structure is avoided.

That is why the maintenance program of automatic sprinkler systems must be very rigorous and focus on each element of the installation, such as the control post, the sprinklers, the pipe network, the alarm communication system and much more.

The maintenance in these fire sprinkler systems requires special attention, since you can find clogged sprinklers, small leaks, etc., which at first glance would not be appreciated and would prevent the system from working in the event of a fire.

Also performing its periodic control ensures a correct response to an accident and performing this service on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis, depending on the magnitude of the system is mandatory.

Omega Fire Protection issues a technical report in the Digital Book after each maintenance visit of the installation where it states the status of the same.

In the maintenance, we perform a comprehensive review of the installation of the Automatic Sprinkler Systems.

This maintenance consists of:

  • Verification of system components, especially triggers and alarm devices.
  • Inspection of the charge of extinguishing agent and its indicator (the alternative measure of weight or pressure).
  • Checking the state of the extinguishing agent.
  • Test of the installation in the conditions of its reception.
  • All our maintenance complies with the Regulation of Fire Protection Installations of NFPA.
  • Certificate of maintenance performed is delivered.