Foam Fire Suppression Systems

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Foam Fire Suppression Systems are used mainly for the extinction of Class B fires, that is, those originated or that may affect flammable and combustible liquids.

These systems project a layer of foam obtained through the mixture of water and foam, which covers the surface thanks to its composition lighter than that of flammable liquids or fuels. At this time the aqueous layer that is generated displaces the air, thus cooling the area. Also, it prevents the escape of vapors, which prevents the revival of the fire.


equipment foam fire.

These automatic foam fire suppression systems are composed of the following elements: Water supply for fire, foam deposit, mixer, and equipment that generates the foam.

Omega Fire Protection can perform installations using different expansion values ​​depending on the needs of the client:

The low expansion foam fire suppression systems allow an expansion ratio of up to 20: 1. In this way, they are composed of a greater proportion of water in the mixture, so the solution is more liquid and moves more easily by the surface to be extinguished. On the other hand, foam type synthetic, AFFF, protein, and fluoro protein can be used.

The main advantages of this type of systems are based on their greater projection, cooling capacity, resistance to heat, and resistance in that the fire is activated again due to the high water content.

The medium expansion foams are characterized by an expansion ratio of between 20: 1 and 100: 1, being an agent especially useful in areas with limited water availability or where the recovery of fire waste is a problem because It requires a smaller amount of water to extinguish the fire.

The main advantage of medium expansion foams is that they can be projected from a safe distance, either indoors or outdoors, offering rapid coverage of flammable liquids or thus containing the toxic vapors generated.

High expansion foam fire suppression systems are those in which the expansion ratio is higher than 200: 1, which means a composition of dry bubbles filled with air and a quantity of water for each bubble of foam considerably reduced.

The high expansion foams are specially designed to protect enclosures with ease to contain the volume generated from this element (such as warehouses, engine rooms or transformers, generators of current with gas turbines …) so that the use of this type of extinction in open places.