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Do you live or do business in Orange County? Now is the time to brace yourselves and make sure your home or business is fully protected from the risks of fire incidents by the best orange county fire protection service provider.

At Omega Fire Protection Services, our professional and experienced fire protection engineers have got you 100% covered with fire extinguisher services, fire sprinkler services, fire alarm services, and lots more. Whether you need fire installations, maintenance, or repair works, we’ve got your back for sure!

Your safety is all that matters to us! Our work ethic is centered around prioritizing every client’s fire protection needs. The reason why we always strive to ensure your families, employees, and properties stay clear from fire-related dangers. Reach out to Omega Fire Protection anytime, any day because we are the most reliable local fire protection service near you and for you.

Fire Extinguisher Services

Protection against fire starts from getting the best fire extinguishers for your home or business. Fire extinguishers are a valuable means of exit during any fire incident as well as the first line of defense. So, you are advised to take advantage of our expert extinguisher services today!

Fire Sprinkler Services

Guarding against fire incidents isn’t easy at all. Especially since you can’t be around your property at all times. Whether you need fire sprinklers for your office, home, or business, we are capable of providing essential 24/7 professional protection against unforeseen fire emergencies. We offer expert fire sprinkler services ranging from sprinkler purchases, installations, inspections, design, testing, and maintenance for both commercial and residential properties in Orange County.

Fire sprinklers are the first line of defense against fire incidents. Even though according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), they are not designed to completely stop a fire. But on the bright side, buildings with fire sprinkler systems often suffer a staggering 60% less damage compared to those without them.

A fire sprinkler system is of little or no value if it doesn’t work properly. However, at Omega Fire Protection, we make sure that you get the best sprinkler system that suits your home, office, or business while offering comprehensive installation, maintenance, and inspection services round the clock.

We work with homes and businesses across Orange County. With our dedicated and experienced fire protection engineers, you can count on us for your unique fire sprinkler needs.

Fire Sprinkler Sales, Inspections and Maintenance

Upon buying your desired fire sprinkler, routine maintenance and inspections are ideal to be sure they are fully functional. We offer quality fire sprinklers while meeting the industry standards in the maintenance and inspection for all kinds of sprinkler systems, along with a multi-point inspection procedure that helps detects potential sprinkler issues well ahead of time.

Our professional Orange County fire sprinkler inspection and maintenance services comply with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements and comprise of the following:

  • Thorough Inspections on fire sprinkler systems
  • Testing sprinkler’s water pumps to check for leaks and damages
  • Lubricating bushings, bearings, couplers, shafts, and other movable components
  • Measuring water flow rates from sprinkler’s pumps
  • Testing sprinkler activation and fire alarms
  • Inspections on communications interface, control circuits, and electrical systems
  • Conducting trip tests for deluge, dry pipes, and pre-action fire sprinkler systems
Main supply water piping in the fire extinguishing system. Fire sprinkler system with red pipes. Fire suppression. Manual valve of Fire extinguisher system.

Our Orange County local fire protection service ensures that fire sprinkler purchases, inspections, and maintenance can keep your business and homes safe and in compliance with state and local fire regulations, insurance policy, and NFPA requirements.

Contact Omega Fire Protection today to get started with you fire sprinkler purchase, inspections or maintenance works in Orange county!