Restaurant UL 300 Fire Suppression

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The kitchen is one of the essential parts of a restaurant, and each one is distinguished by the good food and the diversity of dishes it offers, therefore maintaining safety is a very important component. It is common that fires occur in kitchens due to high temperatures, the different ingredients used to make dishes and the fuel used to cook food.


Close up on a working fire sprinkler.

The main causes of fires in kitchens are the accumulation of fats in the equipment and the lack of knowledge about fire management by the kitchen operators. For decades, tests have been conducted looking for effective systems for rapid-fire arrest, and there are specific tests that determine if they are effective.

In today’s commercial kitchens, the higher temperatures of cooking oils, the high performance and the low cooling capacity of appliances such as fryers are factors that made fire suppression system a more challenging activity today than ever before it was in the past.

The fire suppression system for restaurants is a pre-designed system, with a liquid chemical agent, operated by the cartridge and regulated pressure, with an agent circulation network by fixed nozzles. It is registered by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL/ULC).

Kitchen suppression systems use advanced extinguishing agents to smother the flames and eliminate vapors quickly. The cooling of the high-performance appliances after suffocating the first flames is of vital importance to avoid the reactivation of the fire and minimize the interruption of the business.

The system is configurable for automatic detection and takes action, in addition to remote manual triggering. Supplementary equipment is accessible for connection to the fire alarm box of the building, closing, and electrical connection, and mechanical or electrical devices to shut off the gas supply.